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These are our Server rules - they are there to help provide an environment for ALL players to have some fun. Please remember that our server sometimes have very young children playing, so please act responsibly.

Our server is paid for by our members and you are our guest - we want everyone to enjoy their time playing - all we ask in return is that you stick to the rules - anyone who can't do this may either be kicked or banned.

  1. OFFENSIVE NAME TAGS - easiest way to get yourself kicked without warning.
  2. BAD LANGUAGE - friendly banter and sudden exclamations here and there are ok with us - but not serious bad language and personal insults etc - it might just get you kicked.
  3. RACIST REMARKS - LTD2 has a zero tolerance on racial abuse and remarks - banning is the only way that we deal with this.
  4. BAD MOUTHING OF LTD2 - please don't do it.. these are our servers which are paid for by our members and you are our guest. Be nice.. or be banned Smile
  5. HARASSMENT - please don't harass players ie. cheat, hacker, lagger etc. - unless it's just friendly banter you'll probably be kicked if you keep doing it.
  6. GAME DISRUPTION - we use shees in some of our CTF games, so please don't use them solely to constantly fly round annoying players.. disrupting a good game of CTF in the process.
  7. TEAM SHOOTING - you may be kicked if you are teamshooting. LTD2 servers also have AUTOBAN enabled and the server will automatically ban anyone who betrays anyone in their own team after 4 times.
  8. HIGH PINGS - we have autokickping enabled and set at 250ms. It's set at that amount to help keep lag to a minimum.
  9. STEALING VEHICLES - nading or shooting vehicles when your team mates are trying to use them will get you kicked for sure.
  10. CHEATING - Don't cheat.. bot, walhack or whatever.. just don't do it - it'll be so embarrassing if you're caught and will only make you look a real nooooob with no actual skills.. this WILL definitely get you banned until the end of time.
  11. PORTAL BLOCKING - It's OK to temporarily block portals as part of a temporary team strategy to cover the flagman ONLY.. but continually blocking portals is NOT allowed and is liable to get you kicked if you consistently block them.
  12. LTD2 CLAN TAGS - definitely not allowed by non-clan members on our server. If you seriously would like to use our clantag by becoming a member, then contact us using the link above on our main menu Wink
  13. AFK - we have autokickafk enabled. - set at around 3 minutes, after which you will be automatically kicked by the server.
    1. Portal Camping - Don't camp on portals shooting players as they come through.. it's so nooby - not unless you have the flag and defending yourself, or you're covering your flagman as they escape from the opposition base.
    2. Base Camping - (mainly Gulch) don't hide inside your base near your flag on a permanent basis (ie. not even playing in the game anywhere else) just waiting for the opposition to appear. This ruins gameplay and offers no skill or effort - appreciate that players have maybe fought through strong opposition to reach base, only to be killed by a rat with no skill hiding in a corner. Taking up a defensive position on top of base or around base area is ok. There's a distinct difference between temporarily covering inside base when under attack, and permanently hiding like a rat in a corner
    3. Base Shooting - Continually shooting at player spawn points on base - it's ok on big maps like Gulch (ie. from the big hill) but obviously not on small maps.. especially with rockets. Unless you can see that your team is going in for the flag and you're covering them, then please don't do it Wink
  15. TEAM SWAPPING - Don't change teams:
    1. Just to go on to the stronger team
    2. If it unbalances the teams
    3. Anyone changing teams will be asked to change back - a refusal will result in an admin placing you back to your original team. If you still insist on changing back again, then you'll probably be kicked.
    4. If players become uncontrollable by changing teams, and teams are severely unbalanced as a result, then admins will be forced to balance the teams automatically. Any players who have scored flags will lose them if they find they have been changed to the opposite team by this process
  16. UNBANNING - If you feel you have been unfairly banned, then contact us via our contact form.. or on our Discord public channel - give as much information as possible.